Desorden Group Attacks Thailand’s Central Restaurants Group

The Desorden Group is learnt to have breached Centara Hotels and Resorts network.

The company acknowledged the breach and said in a statement: “On 14th October 2021, we were made aware of an alleged cyber-attack threatening the security of the Centara Hotels & Resorts network. Immediately after receiving the notification, we appointed a reputable, digital forensic consultant to deploy an investigation to identify and validate the compromised data.

After the extensive and thorough forensic evaluation required to establish the veracity and details of the claim, we can confirm that a breach impacting a limited section of our network has occurred, with the general personal data of some of our customers – understood to be mostly their names and booking information, and in minor cases their phone numbers and email addresses, or some other contact information and IDs – being accessed by an unlawful and unauthorised organisation. Whilst the breach has been successfully contained, the investigation into the source, root cause and complete extent of the incident remains ongoing and we will provide more information when it becomes available.”

It further said: “We treat personal data and privacy with the highest levels of importance and care, and as a precautionary measure, we are asking affected guests to change their passwords as soon as possible, and to remain aware of any suspicious or unsolicited calls and/or emails requesting personal information. We can confirm that we at Centara Hotels & Resorts will not be contacting you to ask for any personal identifiable information.” Centara is working with a reputable digital forensic consultant to confirm how the breach occurred.

Here is what you need to do:

First, check whether your data was accessed in this breach. Write to the hotel and once it confirms your identity, it will cross check against the breached data file that it has consolidated. If your name appears, the hotel will be able to share with you what data was accessed. If your name does not appear, the hotel will be able to confirm that your data is secure. If you require complete details of your personal data with Centara Hotels and Resorts, please email your request to [email protected]

Give a clear instruction to the hotel to delete your personal data.

What else can be done?

It is unlikely that there will be any consequences as only partial information was obtained, however be vigilant and should you receive any request from Centara or in its name, please confirm back with us before responding or taking any action.

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