Ransomware attack on Singapore Employment Agency: Personal Details of 40k Job Applicants Leaked

Details of 40,000 job applicants which were leaked online. Source: Desorden

The personal details of some 40,000 job applicants have been leaked online, following a cyber attack on an employment agency in Singapore.

Protemps Employment Services, which has an office at Paya Lebar Square, had its entire server swiped and deleted earlier this month, according to a report by The Straits Times. On October 14, Desorden Group uploaded the entire database online, making it accessible for the price of €2.10 (S$3.30).

The personal details of about 40,000 people who submitted job applications to the company have since been uploaded online. It has been accessed by at least 60 different entities, according to the report.

The details include scans of their identity cards or passports, their phone numbers, salaries, jobs and home addresses, the report added. The hackers, known as Desorden Group, said they were behind the attack on October 4, boasting about their heist on hacking forums on October 7.

Protemps is learnt to be investigating this issue. A spokesman for the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), which is part of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), said Protemps has notified the commission and it is investigating the incident.

Further, the hackers made a video showing the stolen files and databases, with a message to Protemps, saying they had stolen all the files from the server and had wiped it clean. It also came with a warning for Protemps to “think carefully”.

The video is believed to have been sent to Protemps along with a ransom note, according to the report. Last month, the Desorden Group claimed that it has stolen 200 GB of data from ABX Express servers in Malaysia.

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