Yokogawa Electric selects Trend Micro’s Cybersecurity Solutions for Industry 4.0 environments

Yokogawa Electric has selected four of Trend Micro’s cybersecurity products for the company’s industrial control systems (ICS).

This collaboration will help the companies collectively drive more secure Industry 4.0 environments, company officials said.

Yokogawa Electric selected four Trend Micro products developed by TXOne Networks for its customers. Together, they’re designed to offer virtual patching, network segmentation and enhanced operational intelligence from a centralised console.

This includes an industrial next-generation intrusion prevention systems (IPS); an Intent-based industrial-intelligent IPS array for large-scale operations; an industrial next-generation firewall and an industrial central management console.

In 2020, the NSA and CISA recommended companies take immediate action to secure operational technology environments based on several observed attacks. The observed attacks include the abuse of common ports and protocols, as well as modifying control logic and parameters on PLCs, which could both be prevented by Trend Micro’s technology.

Increased Scrutiny
Yokogawa Electric control keys are ideal for manufacturing processes and machinery in industrial facilities. The company’s e-RT3 Plus and FA-M3 programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are used by organizations across the globe.

“We know from our own research that ICS environments are coming under increasing scrutiny from threat actors looking to steal sensitive schematics and sabotage production processes,” said Akihiko Omikawa, executive vice president of IoT security for Trend Micro and chairman of TXOne Networks.

“That’s why TXOne Networks was created and invested in by Trend Micro. We’re delighted it now comes selected by Yokogawa Electric, which is further proof that our industrial security offerings deliver world-class protection and performance.”

Security products that require pre-installation on controllers are overly cumbersome and require asset owners and/or line builders to go through the time-consuming process of verifying application compatibility each time. Industrial network security solution offers something different.

“Our e-RT3 Plus and FA-M3 controllers do business-critical work for our manufacturing and industrial customers around the world, but security concerns including vulnerability exploits and unauthorized access are a growing concern,” said Kenji Hasegawa, a vice president and head of Yokogawa Products Headquarters at Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

“We wanted a security partner we could trust with proven experience in the ICS sector. Trend Micro’s industrial network security delivers installation-free protection to drive additional value for our e-RT3 Plus and FA-M3 customers.”

“Understanding risk is critical to protecting ICS environments,” said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks. “Without added protection, machines can remain accessible for criminals to exploit internal component flaws for potential sabotage and/or remote control of systems. This vote of confidence from Yokogawa is further proof that Trend Micro with TXOne provides the additional protection needed for ICS environments.”

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