2nd Edition SA Cloud & Datacenter Awards Summit 2021

Thursday, 7th Oct 2021, 10am – 2:45pm (GMT +5:30), India

2nd Edition SA Cloud & Datacenter Awards Summit 2021

Collating the best of the best throughout South Asia’s Cloud and Datacenter professionals. The most prestigious Award throughout the APAC region. Judges of the most distinguished caliber will be presenting individuals at the top of their game, with the honored W.Media Award.

Categories to include: Best Datacenter project, Best IT & Cloud Projects and Outstanding Individuals.

1) In South Asia while digitization is a priority there are still many basic issues which need to be addressed like business agenda for adopting technologies, lack of availability for skills, knowledge, security and data issues. 

2) With the type of challenges that SAARC countries face from others in the continent it’s highly essential that the countries and enterprises in the sub continent take challenges seriously and address them head on which means investing in people, skills, allocating resources to organization wide digital transformation from cloud adoption, migration and security. 

3) SAARC countries especially India & Bangladesh are going through huge cloud adoption from organizations including the SME sector which in recent years has realized the benefits of cloud computing. With an increase in cloud computing, data center investors are rushing to develop DC parks and with the pandemic and constant surges and outages the service and operations for DC is becoming a huge challenge. 

The progress for areas ranging from cloud to security in South Asia is immense but with growth comes a list of challenges too.  

As a tech enthusiast In order to make sure you are well versed with these updates W.media has created the largest platform for South Asian tech enthusiasts to join together and get insights from the top experts from across the world along with celebrating these developments through W.Media’s 2nd edition South Asia Cloud and Data Center Awards Digital Summit on the 07th October, 2021. 

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