Our Story

We strive for leadership over management, collaboration over hierarchy. Together we bring a talented, passionate and dedicated team to develop, curate and manage content across our platforms.

World of W.Media

We’re everyday people with an extraordinary purpose — bringing technology market insights, breaking news and facilitating new relationships in the community. Our Global team is made up of an eclectic mix of personalities. We are distinguished thinkers, talkers, planners, organisers, writers with an inherent passion for bringing people together. We turn dreams and passions into reality by building cohesive, inclusive and informed technology communities with the same vision in mind.

People of W.Media

Local communities with global reach

When Sponsors and Advertisers use our platform, their communities get stronger. Our strong ties across Asia Pacific offers instant access for local and international Solution Providers towards improving their marketing operations and better sales returns. When the communities are happy, we’re happy.

We love branding our customers and partners

W.Media by the numbers

Our goal is to foster community and forge connections within Asia’s cybersecurity industry. We believe that the technologies of the future are sparked by conversations in the present, so we provide a platform connecting you directly to the most relevant stakeholders in our global network.

Our clients and partners success stories

“We had a plethora of audience who attended and had a good Q&A session as well. The session was very well planned & executed.”

Mr Rahul Dhar, Country Director – Data Centers, Microsoft Corporation

“It was a lot of fun, especially since I play a lot of videogames myself. I think W.Media did a great job of making the conversation flow, and delivering a comfortable experience overall. Given the chance I would absolutely like to participate in future webinars with W.Media.”

James MacKenzie, Technical Product Manager, OVHcloud

“It was a great opportunity to give my presentation in virtual. Already I have many comments from my friends who attended from global. A big thank you and huge ARIGATO to all of fantastic W.Media team and we are very excited to work together for future event in this year!”

Rui Takei, Telecommunication Technologist, BICSI

...and how it all started

In 2018, our Founders, both successful technology publishing executives turned entrepreneurs, discovered that the fast emerging Asia markets were under-served in technology content distribution and international business networking events. With their global experience in content distribution and events production, they came together to launch W.Media. They worked with early customers to further understand their appetite for emerging markets. Being an early mover in supporting the needs of the emerging Asia markets, W.Media quickly became the leading online and offline technology media platform with close to a hundred businesses signing on in the first year.

News travels fast, and when word got out about our platforms, it wasn’t long before W.Media was working with some of the leading names in the industry, including NYSE-Nasdaq listed companies. Working closely with these partners, we realized that we were all united by a common goal: to produce better customer engagements and digital content.