ColorTokens expands Middle East presence

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ColorTokens Inc., a US based Zero Trust cybersecurity platform company announced its long-term commitment to scaling across the Middle East. Headquartered in San Jose, California, ColorTokens reduces the complexity of defining and enforcing security controls in an increasingly complex digital world.

The Xtended ZeroTrust Platform helps organisations to detect, contain, and eliminate threats across data centres and hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

The company’s growth in EMEA over the last 12 months, and the COVID-19 driven security initiatives to protect employees and clients, highlights the opportunities there are for ColorTokens.

This year, with the growth predictions in the cybersecurity technology on the rise in the region, ColorTokens is scaling its network to build a strong partner base. And the company have appointed Nader Baghdadi, a seasoned industry leader to head the business in the Middle East. Nader comes with over 20 years of experience of driving organisational growth in the region. Nader will be instrumental in regional presence, go-to-market and channel strategy in the region, and giving our customers the confidence that their business is secure, from endpoint to cloud, the company said.

“Over the course of the last year, cybersecurity incidents have become more sophisticated and are on the rise exponentially. This calls for a more holistic approach to security. With Zero Trust widely recognised as the gold standard in cyber security, we see tremendous potential of our products and platform in the region. I am excited to join ColorTokens, and am confident that we can build a brand organisations can truly rely on,” said Nader Baghdadi, Regional Sales Director, MEA.

“Rapid digitalisation in the Middle East has given rise to a surge of connected devices, increasing the risk of cyberattacks. At ColorTokens, we have created products that help organisations shift to a holistic security approach, by integrating seamlessly their existing security tools. We have helped large organisations to protect their network against ransomware attacks, unauthorised lateral movement, and zero-day attacks. And we believe that we can replicate the trust and success in the Middle East region. I am thrilled to have Nader join us and I am confident of the growth he will drive in the region, along with our strong partner ecosystem,” said Raja Ukil, SVP APAC, Middle East, ASEAN, Sales and Partnerships.

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