NordPass partners with Cowbell Cyber to help cyber insurance policyholders

Password manager NordPass Business has partnered with Cowbell Cyber, the industry’s first AI-powered cyber insurance provider for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

NordPass is joining Cowbell Rx, Cowbell’s referral marketplace for cyber risk management and security solutions. From now on, Cowbell Rx policyholders get NordPass Business with a 15% pricing discount, the company said.

Growing cyber cost

Research shows that cybercrime costs organizations an estimated $400 billion every year, and this number is only growing. Cyberattacks at mid-size businesses are often opportunistic, taking advantage of security weaknesses.

“Together with our partners NordPass, Cowbell brings streamlined access to top cybersecurity solutions to current and future policyholders to maximize their ability to be secure. We connect directly with trusted partners to improve the cyber risk profile of our policyholders.” Theresa Le, Head of Claims & Risk Engineering at Cowbell Cyber.

Cowbell Cyber provides standalone cyber insurance policies custom-designed to suit risk profiles. Its continuous risk assessment gives policyholders early warnings about security weaknesses to improve risk posture and prevent future incidents.

“With ever-increasing cybercrime, we highly encourage all of our customers to think about cyber insurance. Implementing and using a password manager, having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in place, or having an import detection response tool — all of these things reduce your risk, and that ultimately may increase your chances of securing a cyber-insurance policy,” added ​​Gerald Kasulis, Head of Business and Channel Operations at NordPass.

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