Securiti Establishes an AI-Driven Data Protection Command Center

Securiti, an AI data privacy provider, has announced the release of a unified data control platform which serves as a centralized Data Control Center and improves data visibility across public and private clouds. Additionally, the business disclosed that it had funded $75 million and had launched DataControls Cloud.

Data security is a serious issue that businesses cannot ignore. Regulators may and will punish disobedience, as evidenced by the high-profile businesses punished with millions of dollars in data protection fines over the previous few months, including Sephora, Meta, and Google.

However, due to the difficulty of recognizing data due to where it dwells in the environment, many organizations continue to fall short of meeting their compliance obligations. The good news is that several suppliers are attempting to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address that problem.

Using cutting-edge AI algorithms, Securiti’s solution locates structured and unstructured data across the cloud and automatically generates insights about important systems and infrastructure to identify the owner of a given piece of data.

According to Peiter Zatko, Twitter’s former CISO, the lack of transparency and control over data in many businesses is one of the main issues with managing it in a compliant manner. They can’t defend it because they don’t know what data they have, where it is stored, or where it comes from.

Whether or if these charges against Twitter are accurate, many firms struggle with keeping visibility over user data. In a manner that they couldn’t with siloed data security solutions, Securiti DataControls Cloud’s AI enables businesses to quickly discover exposed data in a multi cloud environment.

“There is a proliferation of data across silos of hybrid and multi cloud infrastructure. So enterprises have to ensure there is data security, data privacy, data governance and compliance across all these cloud environments,” said Rehan Jalil, founder and CEO of Securiti. 

Furthermore, Jalil also said that instead of examining these issues in silos (across clouds and across security/privacy/governance), Securiti DataControls Cloud offers unified data controls enabling enterprises to meet all requirements around data security, privacy, governance, and compliance, across all clouds, in one location.

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