Enterprises Struggling With Cybersecurity Talent As Attacks Increase

As organisations are accelerating their digital transformation journey and growth, managingcybersecurity function with potential resources have become crucial to safeguard againstrisks.  The most important cybersecurity threat to most organisations nowadays is with on boardingpotentials resources with right level of skillsets.  In India, 60 per cent of the organisations have unfilled cybersecurity positions and 42 per centreport their […]

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Step Up Security as Incidence of Cyber-Attacks Increase

Three prominent service providers in the cloud computing industry—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud—have all made acquisitions to ramp up their cybersecurity capabilities over the past year.   These companies’ interest in enhancing their security expertise has become especially critical as hackers increase the frequency and scale of cyber-attacks against corporations and […]