Threats & Opportunities in the ANZ Cybersecurity Landscape

As cyber attacks increase in frequency and scope across the globe, the Australian and New Zealand markets are no exception. Targets range from multiple Hospital Systems to the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group to the NZ post (Sydney Morning Herald). And even as certain types of attacks (specifically ransomware) have seen decreases in certain parts of the globe throughout the last year, they are at an all time high in the ANZ market.

Want to know more about how such tools are being deployed across the Australia and New Zealand region? 

Join the Cyber Experts:
Andrew Govell, Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Services, Centorrino Technologies
Alvin Rodrigues, Field Chief Security Officer, Infoblox
Simon Smith, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity Specialist, Official Intelligence Pty Ltd
Sai Honig, APAC Research Advisory Council, CSA & Co-Founder, NZ Network for Women in Security
Ben Fellows, CEO, Teem Services Limited

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