Zero Breaches & Threat Intelligence – The next big thing in cybersecurity

Wed, 27th Oct 2021, 2pm – 5pm (GMT +5.30)

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With 2020 the world which was thrown into a global pandemic, data breaches costs increased considerably. An effective data center security strategy can fail with a single data breach causing long term financials, legal & nightmares. With a single threat inside the network the sensitive business stored data can be vulnerable and thus a zero trust architecture needs to be in place to provide protection against sophisticated hackers & malwares. Every single device that tries to connect to a data center is not trusted, and each device or user can only receive the least privileged access. Even after a device or user has been authorized, their access is capped at the lowest level. Zero trust architecture is designed to stop security breaches in their tracks.

Zero Breaches & Threat Intelligence – The next big thing in cybersecurity will discuss how security leaders are adopting the challenges to reduce data breaches and threat intelligence mechanisms along with a zero trust architecture and adopting best practices in building a new era in the cybersecurity space leading to a strong DC preventing private information from being exposed. Join us to know more from CISO’S & CIO’S how to minimize threat intelligence and build a ‘’Zero trust’’ network model.

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