Zscaler Establishes New Data Infrastructure Co-located within Equinix Data Centres in Canberra and Auckland

Equinix SY4, Sydney Australia. Image Credit: Equinix

Cloud security company Zscaler has expanded its data centre infrastructure capacity across two sites in Canberra and Auckland, co-located within Equinix data centres.

Zscaler’s expansion into these new sites complements and builds on its existing data centre infrastructures in Sydney and Melbourne, which are also co-located within Equinix’s data centres. Steve Singer, Zscaler Australia’s regional vice president, observed that this expansion was necessary to ensure that Zscaler could continue to serve its customers well, and meet increased demand for its services from public sector organisations.  

“Successful organisations of any size realise that any disruption, regardless of how small a security incident, will have an impact on the business as a whole.”

Singer noted that “at present, we support more than a million users from Australia on our platform and these numbers are set to escalate. Bringing new data centre facilities to Canberra and Auckland puts our industry-leading Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ platform closer to our customers.”

Reinforcing Australia’s Cybersecurity Posture

Zscaler’s move towards expansion of its data infrastructure capacity is especially timely, given the Australian government and Australian companies’ interest in stepping up cybersecurity measures against cyber attacks and data breaches.  

Singer said that Zscaler was aware of the strong demand for its cloud security services in Australia, saying that “right now, there is an ongoing focus at all levels of the community on the need to reinforce Australia’s cybersecurity posture from a range of threats, including potential national state and supply chain attacks.”

 Furthermore, nation-wide concerns about cyber-attacks and data compromises in Australia have not been unfounded. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, the cost of cyber-crime to businesses in Australia is estimated to be approximately $1 billion a year.

Australia’s government has also sharpened its focus on cybersecurity issues in the country, appointing Australia’s first Minister for Cybersecurity, Clare O’Neil, in June 2022, to tackle cybersecurity challenges and protect critical national infrastructure.

Singer affirmed Zscaler’s commitment to supporting Australia’s cybersecurity efforts, saying that “our new data centre infrastructure will further support any new programs which the new Federal Government and Minister for Cyber Security may launch to further build awareness of the Essential Eight and continue to reinforce the need for ongoing cyber vigilance.”

New Zealand has also been committed in its efforts to ramp up its cybersecurity capabilities, having implemented a comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy since 2019. Singer expressed his confidence that Zscaler’s expansion in Auckland would support its customers in New Zealand.    

“At the same time, we also look forward to further supporting New Zealand enterprises to keep information safe and secure and continue to observe CERT NZ guidelines.”

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