Medibank Refuses to Pay Ransom Despite the Leaking Threats

Australia’s Medibank Private Ltd continues to refuse to pay a ransom of an undisclosed amount to cybercriminals, despite the hackers’ purported threats to expose the stolen data on the dark web. As Australia’s largest health insurer faces a potential class action after 9.7 million current and past clients’ data was compromised, a ransomware group has […]

Securiti Establishes an AI-Driven Data Protection Command Center

Securiti, an AI data privacy provider, has announced the release of a unified data control platform which serves as a centralized Data Control Center and improves data visibility across public and private clouds. Additionally, the business disclosed that it had funded $75 million and had launched DataControls Cloud. Data security is a serious issue that […]

Jason Lee Appointed As Splunk’s New Chief Information Security Officer

Splunk Inc., the leading data platform for security and observability, announced that Jason Lee, has been appointed as the Company’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).  Jason Lee will be in charge of all aspects of global security, including cloud and application security, operations, threat management, penetration testing, risk, and customer trust, the company said. At […]

Here’s What CISA Says Regarding Quantum Computing’s Emerging Threats

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has updated its recommendations for critical infrastructure’s preparation for potential security concerns brought on by quantum computing. Quantum computing provides greater speed and power than classical computers. However, the emerging technology comes with potential risks, including data breaches, that could threaten the security of business transactions, secure communications, digital […]

More than a Dozen Companies Establishing Single Standard to Quickly Detect Cyberattacks

More than a dozen cybersecurity companies are working on a single, open standard for sharing data about hacking threats, a project that will help organizations detect cyberattacks more quickly. The initiative, where Amazon (AMZN), Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, IBM (IBM), Okta, and Salesforce (CRM) are involved, aims to address a critical bottleneck in threat information sharing: the […]

Okta Study Announces High Degree of Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) Adoption, Low CIAM Maturity Among APAC Organizations

The results of the Okta-commissioned IDC’s Asia/Pacific Customer Identity and Access Management 2022 Survey were released by the industry’s top independent identity supplier, Okta, Inc. The study examines the dynamics of managing customer identity and access in a digital world, as well as the difficulties these organizations encounter and how well-performing digital-first organizations compare to […]

DCI Data Centers begins construction on a second facility in Auckland

DCI Data Center is constructing two new generation cloud data centers in the Auckland region, the second of which is AKL02 – the one that DCI Data Centers claims to be Auckland’s largest data center. DCI Data Centers CEO Malcolm Roe, Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications Hon. Dr. David Clark, and DCI Data […]