Can CISO’s and CIOs minimise Data Breaches?

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The rapidly increasing cybersecurity incidents are becoming a matter of concern for organisations across different sectors.

The cybersecurity market was valued at USD 156.24 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 352.25 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of 14.5 per cent during 2021-2026. The trends for IoT, BYOD, AI, and machine learning in cybersecurity are increasing. For instance, machine learning provides advantages in outlier detection, much to the benefit of cybersecurity, a Modor Intelligence report added.

The report further explained that the rapidly increasing cybersecurity incidents and regulations requiring their reporting are driving the cybersecurity market. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and McAfee, cybercrimes, which include damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost property, intellectual property theft, and other areas, currently cost the world almost USD 600 billion each year, or 0.8 per cent of the global GDP. As companies adapt to remote work, concepts such as Zero Trust assumes more importance.

With regard to this, W.Media is hosting it’s digital event Zero Breaches & Threat Intelligence – The next big thing in cybersecurity, on 27th October 2021.

The event’s gold sponsors are Qualys and Tata Communications. The event will consist of a keynote session, presentations and panel discussions which include topics like emerging trends in cyber security breaches; best mitigation strategies, asset Visibility in Modern IT – Chaos to Control, New Thinking with today’s tools; Combating Threat & Conserving Data with a Zero Trust Model, Role of CISO & CSO’s – Adoption of Best Practices and Fortifying security in an era of zero trust.

“When chasing a moving target, it’s best to consolidate your efforts in cornering the problems, this means you need to be ahead of the game. Know your assets well and try your best to consolidate your tools and teams. Modernise your Cybersecurity arsenal to be agile coz in this game you need to always win,” said Debashish Jyotiprakash, CTSO-APAC & Managing Director – India & SAARC, Qualys.

“Business disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated it for enterprises to protect their organisation, customers, partners, and employees as they seek to remodel the cyber security architecture and service framework to adapt to a rapidly evolving business landscape.  Stretched thin by such a demand, security teams of enterprises tend to prioritise the urgent over the important, resulting in gaps and lack of results in impactful initiatives such as automation and orchestration,” said Avinash Prasad, VP – Managed Security Services, Tata Communications.

Renowned technology experts and thought leaders from the industry will be a part of this event. Prof. Triveni Singh, IPS SP, Cyber Crimes, UP Police, Debashish Jyotiprakash, CTSO-APAC & Managing Director – India & SAARC, Qualys, Krishna Mohan Kasi, Vice President, Audit, BNP Paribas – APAC, Aditya Sarangapani, General Manager – Enterprise IT WNS Global Services (P) Ltd, Avinash Prasad, VP – Managed Security Services, Tata Communications, Dr. Burzin Bharucha, Advisor/Manager, EY Consulting Practice, EMEIA Region, Sakshi Vidur, Director, Enterprise IT Security, Philips, Bijendra Mishra,Chief Information Security Officer, Alkem Laboratories Limited, Keyur Desai , CIO-Essar Ports & Shipping, Head InfoSecurity – Essar Group, Tushar Vagal, Head- Digital & IT, Larsen & Toubro Realty, Prashant Choudhary, Partner, Risk/ Cybersecurity Consulting,EY, Makesh Chandramohan, CISO, Aditya Birla Capital Limited, Deepak Naik, VP – Cloud Security Engineering and Ops,Qualys and Pradipta Patro, Head – IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security, RPG Group.

“Cyber-attacks are in an upward trend  & directly proportionately with digitisation transformations across industries. Organisation can tackle  through strong processes with periodic drill  & controls(effective & efficient) in the business systems/data , however basic/fundamental thing should be right-like integrated monitoring all critical resources/channels/services & appropriate incident response plan in place to tackle evolving threats,” said Pradipta Patro, Head – IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security, RPG Group.

Cybersecurity is important for companies of all sizes, yet many businesses don’t think they are at risk of cyber-attacks because of the size of their company. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true. “There are few ways in which small businesses can protect themselves from cyber-attacks, understand emerging trends and evolving risks, develop a security policy, keep your hardware, software, and security safeguards up-to-date and  educate your employees,” said Bijendra Mishra,Chief Information Security Officer, Alkem Laboratories Limited.

27th October 2021

This event will discuss how security leaders are adopting the challenges to reduce data breaches and threat intelligence mechanisms along with a zero trust architecture and adopting best practices in building a new era in the cybersecurity space leading to a strong DC preventing private information from being exposed. Register for free now.

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