ICONS partners with Versasec to battle against the rising number of Cyber Threats in India

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Versasec, one of the leaders in credentials management systems (CMS) has announced a new strategic partnership with India based technology marketing and distributor company ICONS to combat cyber threats rising numbers in India.

ICONS, whose technology portfolio includes Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication, will now include Versasec’s credential management system vSEC:CMS.

The clients and partners of ICONS can now easily and efficiently deploy and administer enterprise PKI credentials found in security keys with Versasec’s credential management system vSEC:CMS. Versasec’s new approach for managing physical and virtual credentials allows organisations to take advantage of powerful applications that require the highest level of security, the company said.

“The IAM solution from Versasec using PKI is both robust and versatile, we look forward to offering the same to our clients and partners. I am also looking forward to the addition of FIDO based authentication tools,” said Mittul Nagpal, Partner at ICONS.

In the last two years, India’s cybersecurity services and product combined revenue reported a 40 per cent increase, acknowledged the Data Security Council of India. On the other hand, in ransomware attacks, the country ranks second.

The council sees opportunities for the tech industry to build stronger solutions. William Houry, Vice President of Sales at Versasec, who oversees worldwide partners and clients said “ICONS has been a key player for several years in the adoption of strong authentication solutions using secure tokens in India. We are pleased to partner with ICONS and work together for a more secure end-to-end solution for Indian customers.”

IT decision makers from leading Indian companies will be focusing on cyber security and data-backed decision making, as their key priority areas in 2022. Coming in the backdrop of a pandemic situation, businesses the world over have had to take a fresh look at the way they do business.

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