Vectra to offer free cybersecurity tools to organisations targeted by Ukraine-Russia conflict

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Vectra AI, one of the leaders in AI-driven threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises, announced that the company has decided to offer a slate of free cybersecurity tools and services to organisations who believe they may be targeted as a result of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Bank websites and ATMs, as well as military computer networks, have been disabled in recent days by cyberattacks, and disinformation campaigns meant to provoke panic have rippled across cellular networks, according to media reports.

“Escalating cyber conflict will lead to unanticipated consequences. No public or private organisation is assured of remaining a mere spectator,” said Hitesh Sheth, President and CEO, Vectra AI.

The company is actively tracking new attack indicators associated with the conflict in Ukraine and Russia, as well as other conflicts around the world.

Vectra AI will offer the following services on a complimentary basis which include scanning Microsoft Azure AD and M365 environments for signs of attack activities, monitor AWS infrastructure for signs of active attacks, in addition to the provision of detection and response tools for both the network and control plane of AWS accounts, surveil network infrastructure both in the cloud and on-premises for signs of attack, including deployment of Vectra sensors that are purpose-built to detect malicious behaviour and support the retention of historical metadata to aid incident response investigations based on indicators of compromise (IOCs) for specific attack variants.

The report further added that attacks previously attributed to Russian actors are known to disrupt the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud and gain access to critical information. With the acquisition of Siriux, Vectra AI is equipped to immediately discover malicious Microsoft Azure Active Directory activity that could lead to the compromise of Exchange Online mailboxes. Vectra AI also will provide a free Siriux scan to organisations that believe they could be targeted.

Seth further explained that as the conflict escalates and cyber risks mount, Vectra AI wants to be part of the solution. “We believe that together we can significantly reduce the risks associated with nation-state cyber-attacks. By offering our products and services without charge during this crisis, we hope we can help more organisations protect themselves.”

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