India based cybersecurity company recorded its net sales at 103.79 crore in September 2021

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Quick Heal Technologies, an India based cybersecurity software company recorded  net sales at Rs 103.79 crore in September 2021 up 25.26 per cent from Rs. 82.86 crore in September 2020.

The company recorded a quarterly net profit at Rs. 34.65 crore in September 2021 up 22 per cent from Rs. 28.40 crore in September 2020.

The EBITDA stands at Rs. 49.95 crore in September 2021 up 12.37 per cent from Rs. 44.45 crore in September 2020.

Quick Heal Tech EPS or Earnings Per Share has increased to Rs. 5.40 in September 2021 from Rs. 4.43 in September 2020.

Cybercrimes have increased during this year and organisations and government enterprises are taking steps to deal with the rising numbers.

81 per cent of global organisations experienced increased cyber threats with 79 per cent experiencing downtime due to a cyber-incident during a peak season, according to McAfee Enterprise and FireEye’s report titled ‘Cybercrime in a Pandemic World: The Impact of COVID-19’

Findings reveal that it is important for organisations to prioritise and strengthen their cybersecurity architecture.

The findings indicate that during the pandemic, ‘Cybercrime in a Pandemic World: The Impact of COVID-19’ survey methodology McAfee Enterprise and FireEye commissioned a global independent market research specialist MSI-ACI to undertake the research for this study.

The COVID19 pandemic has given the rise to cybercrimes. The nature of cybercrime is on an individual, organisation and state/society level. The question here is what is the importance of awareness when it comes to cybersecurity.

In the total cybercrime landscape, online social media fraud consists of 24 per cent, online financial fraud is at 56 per cent. “Most of them are linked to frauds related to UPI in which money is debited by scanning a QR code. 99 per cent of people are unaware that when someone is asking them to scan a QR code it is for taking their money (unlawfully),” said Triveni Singh, IPS SP. Cybercrimes, Uttar Pradesh Police, India.

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