Radware & Oncore Cloud Services Partner for Cloud Protection Services

NASDAQ-listed cyber security solutions provider Radware and Toronto-based Oncore Cloud Services, a professional service provider have teamed up to help enterprise and public sector organisations secure their cloud migrations and protect their cloud assets.

Oncore is reselling Radware’s cloud security portfolio, with a focus on Radware’s Cloud Native Protector. The portfolio provides Oncore with a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that spans private hosted and public cloud environments, the company said. In addition to its Cloud Native Protector, Radware’s portfolio includes Web Application and API Protection (WAAP), consisting of an integrated web application firewall, API security, and BOT management services. The portfolio also offers DDoS protection for network security. Radware’s security portfolio integrates natively with Oncore’s Cloud Adjacent Platform.

“Our goal is to help organisations jumpstart their digital outcomes without compromising on security, governance, or compliance controls,” said Adam Kupsta, Oncore’s CEO. “We accomplish this by delivering our Cloud Adjacent Method and Platform alongside the Radware-powered Cloud Native Protector and cloud security solutions.”

Multi Layer Defence

The Oncore Cloud Adjacency Method and Platform represent a curated suite of professional and managed services that help organizations naturally extend established methods, governance, security, and applications natively into their public cloud environments. Radware’s Cloud Native Protector prevents compliance violations, cloud security misconfigurations, excessive permissions, and malicious cloud activity by using multi-layer defences that cover the overall security posture of the cloud and threats to individual workloads.

“For many organisations, agility and flexibility are the primary drivers behind their digital strategy and migration to the cloud — all too often, however, at the cost of securing their environment. Radware’s cloud security gives organizations visibility and control over their cloud-hosted assets along with the ability to monitor and automatically block malicious activity,” said Bob Simpson, vice president of North American sales at Radware. “Together with Oncore, we are committed to helping organizations quickly secure transition and residence in the cloud with minimal risk and maximum results.”

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